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Fine Art in many mediums.  Paintings in Oil and Acrylic with the use of brushes and an airbrush , sketches in pencil and pastels.

American Coverage of Veterans
Airbrush Acrylic 20x30

Hammer and Bar
20X28 Oil Paint

Oil Painting 18X24

Girl Reading
Brushed Acrylic 24x36

Lady near water
Watercolor 24x36

New paragraph

Always with you...
Veteran on Motorcycle
Airbrushed 24X30

Army Soldier
In the Dirt

Rat Rods Painting
Brushed Acrylic 36x48

Rough Man

Airbrush 30X40

Guardian Angel
Original in Pencil
Filtered in Photoshop 18x24

Model leaned forward
Pencil 9x12

Girl looking over shoulder
Pencil 9x12

Crucified hand
Airbrush and charcoal 15x20

Crossed legs in Heels
Brushed Acrylic 22x24

Watchful Recovery
Brushed Acrylic 30x40

Model on Catwalk

Nude laying on side
Brushed Acrylic 15x30